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Basic Common Understanding of Thai Amulet FAQ :~ 

1.  What to do before wearing the amulets? 

Wash your hands clean before holding and taking the sacred amulets to wear and observe mindfully  the following steps.

• Make your mind calm and focus all your faith to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

• Put your genuine  amulet(s) onto your palm and position your hands slowly and carefully together in a praying position ( Wai )

• Then chant 3 times of this Vandana stanza (Homage to Buddhism triple Gems ) do it respectfully with faith ; it's in ancient language of Pali and the devotee should be mindful too .

" Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa " - 3 times

- The translation of its meaning is as:
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato SammaSam Buddhassa   ~     Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One

The chanting verse means we are now paying respect to the Compassionate and Wise Lord Buddha who has done the great goodness.

Then request in your own language for his positive blessings. example :

" I, your name here , humbly , respectfully and sincerely invite the Lord Buddha, Dharma and Guru Monks to bless me ( family or love ones ) and protect me from all harms,  negativities , danger and may all positive wishes be fullfilled ."

One should also practise virtues and goodness in daily life and doing no harm to oneself and all beings.:

Sincerely and respectfully invite Lord Buddha, Guru Monks to grant blessings onto you and others before wearing your genuine amulets. Again place your amulets in your palm in the Praying position ( Wai )

Start by reciting Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa (x 3), then recite the following :

Putthang Arathananang, Dhammang Arathananang, Sanghang Arathananang (x 1) or 3x

** Putthang Passitimay, Dhammang Passitimay, Sangkang Passitimay (x 1) or 3x

 ** The rough meaning of this stanza is: May Lord Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha or Triple Gems bless me and fullfill my humble requests .  Thereafter wear the chain of amulet(s) respectfully on your neck.

2. Any restriction when wearing the amulet?

Yes, there are some restrictions as the following:
• Best not to wear your genuine Holy amulets with you when you go to an improper place such as brothel, Bars etc.
• Don't wear amulets when you are going to make love to your wife
 •Always be mindful of your speech and actions

3. Where is the place to put my amulet?

Do not place the amulet on the headboard of your bed or anyhow place it around your bedroom, unless there is no sexual activity in this room. If you want to keep them in your bedroom, please put them on a higher shelf, a clean box organiser or drawer. Do not leave or put your holy amulets on improper places like on the floor, dirty tables, inside your pants pocket, or hang it lower than your waist. It is to be place in a high and clean shelf or table.

4. Do we need to Re-bless our amulet?

Does an amulet lose its power after some time? Will re-blessing it will make it more powerful? Do we have to bring it back to the temple to let the monks chant to recharge its power after some time? The answer is NO! Usually we seen some devotees taking off their amulets and let the monks chant and bless when they go to the Thai buddhist temple on their holiday such as Vesak day or Kathina day or they just visit the temple to pay respects to the monks. It is definitely okay to let them chant a prayer of blessing on the amulets but please do not have the idea that having a brief blessings on the amulet’s will somehow recharge the amulet's  "power ". The brief blessing is usually a general blessing for all amulets and not for the particular amulet itself. Only the compassionate Monk or Arjarn who creates the amulets for the benefit of all beings knows the Authentic methods to bless the amulets according to the lineage of the past masters.

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